Telford Mum shops until she drops!

Telford Shopping Centre welcomed its youngest ever shopper when a local mum gave birth to a healthy baby boy – delivered by her best friend and assisted the Shopping Centre's Security team.

Kirsty Carter, 21, was taken by surprise at Telford Shopping Centre on Saturday afternoon when she progressed quickly through labour whilst doing her weekly shop.

Baby Arthur didn’t hang around for the ambulance to arrive and was delivered in a private space behind the scenes, at 2.04pm, weighing 6lbs 14oz, by fellow shopper and friend Kerry Young, before being taken to hospital for a full check-up. 

The mum of three, to Kasey, aged five, Thomas, aged three, and now new-born baby Arthur, was shopping with her friend Kerry. Kirsty had been sent home from the hospital after her waters had broken that morning. She was advised by the midwives that it was unlikely there would be any movement that day and to go home.

The 21 year old who was due to give birth on the 22nd October, had been looking around the shops with no sign of labour progressing when suddenly her contractions started coming, thick and fast!

Kirsty, from St George’s, Telford, said: “I was walking through the mall when my contractions started coming every three minutes or so. I knew I needed to call an ambulance and headed to the Customer Service desk.

“It quickly became apparent that I needed to start pushing and the baby wasn’t going to wait for an ambulance. The Telford Shopping Centre staff, security guard Shaun Buckley and Operations Manager Fran Woffinden, quickly found me somewhere private to deliver the baby. I can’t thank them enough for their help.

“I don’t know what I would have done without my friend, Kerry, who kept me calm throughout and was on hand to deliver the baby. Luckily, she had previously delivered her own baby and knew exactly what to do!

“My partner Cameron and I are thrilled to now have baby Arthur home. He is doing brilliantly.”

Glynn Morrow, Telford Shopping Centre Manager, said: “We believe this to be the first baby born at Telford Shopping Centre and it was certainly an exciting afternoon for the team involved!

“We’re so thrilled that mum and baby are doing well and, I am extremely proud of how my team here handled the situation calmly and professionally. We look forward to welcoming Arthur and his family to the shopping centre for many years to come. Congratulations Kirsty, Cameron and family.”