SS16 Style Show - Show 1 Blog Report

SS16 Style Show: Show 1 Report

Telford Style Show Spring/Summer 2016 - brought to you by Katie Buttery 

Eager to observe this year’s hottest trends and colour palettes on the catwalk, I sat myself awaiting the 1.30 showing of this year’s “Telford Shopping Centre Style Show”. Immediately, I was hit by the charming backdrop for the show (an aesthetic replicating what looks like a Parisian Café), which was made 3D by the addition of tables and chairs on either side of the stage. My mind was racing as to what delightful garments would be showcased here on this stage, and in what manner – it was only a matter of time.

And, sure enough, at half past one, the show began, with the presenter (dressed in a smart/casual pink floral dress teamed with loosely curled hair), introducing the kinds of brands we would be seeing , each one having examples of outfits representing the hottest trends for Spring/Summer 2016. With my pen in one hand, and notepad in the other, I got ready to watch the show!

House of Fraser and Vision Express

The first collection of outfits was courtesy of House of Fraser (Brands such as Biba, Dickins & Jones, Label Lab, Linea and Oasis) with accessories being provided by Vision Express and Pandora. As the song “Vogue” played from the speakers, the first set of models held issues of the actual magazine and did a choreography by flicking the pages to the times of the beats in the song (much like the sharp-style dance moves in the Music Video); this was in celebration of 100 years of Vogue, and I thought it was a great way to start off with an absolute classic! Looking at the colour palettes of the clothes, I saw a lot of Khaki, navy and nudes-keeping things understated, yet still providing some really interesting floral prints for the beginning of spring (my favourite of which being a floral white dress, available from Oasis’ new collection).


After these more subtle colours, I felt in need of a few pops of colour to liven stuff up! But, this was soon provided as the provider of the next collection was indeed…Next! Bright colours and crisp whites came into play, resulting in a series of outfit’s wearable in the daytime when the sun starts to shine. I particularly liked the combination of a yellow gingham crop top with white crop trousers, white pumps and a brown leather satchel (I felt these zesty shades blended well with the light backdrop of the fashion show). The two-tone blue outfit worn by one of the male models also stood out; the light and dark mixing well, proving that less can indeed be more.

Claire’s Accessories & Treds

This was a really exciting collection of outfits! The focus was on the accessories and footwear this time, so of course the clothes were going to be on the simpler side (block colour mini dresses, plain t-shirts, shorts and hoodies being examples of this). To make things more interesting (and in my opinion adding a slight festival-feel), neon fishnet glove lets were worn, as well as sunglasses, trilby hats, button adorned backpacks and flowery headbands. At one point one of the male models came out practicing his air guitar skills! A mixture of footwear was showcased; ranging from heeled clog-style sandals to plain white pumps for the men (fully displaying the variety available at tReds). The fun loving vibe created with these brands no doubt will be popular with the younger generation; the vivid colours and botanical prints a sure fire hit with anyone who wants to be up to date with this years’ trends.

New Look & Scott’s Menswear

Keeping the colour scheme bright, yet moving into more mature styles, the clothes selections for New Look and Scott’s were shown. Looking at the Aztecs for inspiration, female models walked on the stage whilst wearing bold blocks of colour (mainly reds and blacks) with crisp white jackets breaking up the deeper colours. The clever touch of having them wear pinafores and carrying trays showed a dedication to the café theme, however I wish the men would’ve been dressed in this type of manner (maybe bow ties and cotton shirts), as I think their ensembles were a bit too dark for this particular part of the show. Despite this, I really love the way that the more formal wear of the women contrasted with the casual of the menswear from Scott’s.


A complete U-turn was taken in visuals for this next choice of outfits. This collection was a series of sporty garments, suitable for active days in warmer weather. The main colour theme that I could see was grey and neon (neon pink for ladies and yellow/green for men); this became a little repetitive for me, but at least they matched. The outfit that stood out to me was what the young girl model was dressed in: denim shorts, a purple waterproof jacket and geometric floral t-shirt. It made a nice change from all the grey and intense neon I was seeing, and softened the collection ever so slightly, to show that this kind of clothing can be feminine.

Marks and Spencer, Pandora & TH Baker

As the end of the show approached, it became apparent that the final brands we would be looking at would be Marks and Spencer, Pandora and TH Baker. Intending to finish on something a little bit different, one of the male models wheeled out a frame adorned in different leather bags (obviously to be a main component in the outfits to come). As the models walked on the stage, they each chose a bag and modelled it in their own way (presenting each person’s personality well). I loved this touch, as it gave the illusion of spontaneity (much better than a standard, robotic fashion show!). Beautiful greens, navy and brown made up the materials; highlights of gold being present (which was contained within details of the garments and metal features on the bags). Lighter shades were not missing however, as knee –length summer dresses worn by the females heavily featured beige, white and light blue- keeping it cool for the oncoming warmth of the spring.

As the show drew to a close, all the Fashion models gathered on the stage to be greeted with a round of applause (much needed after all those quick changes), as well as the presenter who thanked us all for viewing the outfits put together by the many retailers in Telford Shopping Centre. Despite the short length of the show, I can honestly say I have never seen so many variations of ways to style outfits ready for the coming seasons; providing inspiration for any fashion & retail lover. Telford Style Shows: a definite must see!

This blog post has been created by Katie Buttery from Telford College as part of the shopping centre's student blog competition