Marks & Spencer Hot Cross Bun Taste Challenge

Easter treats are already in stores across the county but the season brings not only delicious chocolate eggs, fluffy chicks and bunnies but the arrival of Hot Cross Buns!

This year Marks and Spencer have released their hot cross bun range with seven flavours to choose from including traditional through to the unusual but popular Belgian chocolate and toffee fudge. New for 2015, the cherries and berries flavour arrives in stores and so we were put to the taste test.

Our tasters were given the choice of four flavours featuring:

  • Belgian Chocolate and Toffee Fudge Hot Cross Buns
  • Luxury Traditional Hot Cross Buns
  • Cherries and Berries Hot Cross Buns 
  • Half and Half Hot Cross Buns - also new for 2015

This was a blind taste test with each tester given four sample sized bites to get their opinions. Read below to find out their thoughts.

Half and Half Hot Cross Buns

Overall feedback was positive but like half and half bread styles, its not to everyone's taste. The fruit creates a very sweet taste expect from a hot cross bun but due to the reduction in sugars, change of flour mix and other ingredient changes the consistency is a little bit dry than some would expect. However, flavour is still as sweet as traditional recipes and will be suited to many who desire their favourite Easter treat who are seeking a more healthy alternative. 

Belgian Chocolate and Toffee Fudge Hot Cross Buns

Opinion as seen during its launch is still rather mixed. Flavour is far from that expected of a traditional hot cross bun and the fudge flavours can make this cake much sweeter than some would like. The chocolate melts to create a very different texture and at times a more messy experience - especially on your plate! This cake is certainly one for the chocoholics and if you're seeking a chocolaty Easter treat that's not in egg shape this is a must have. It may become the Marmite of the Hot Cross Bun world - some will love it, others not so sure but it is certainly worth trying even once!

Cherries and Berries Hot Cross Buns

New for 2015 this is twist on the traditional flavours and continues the fruity trend set by the popular the apple flavour also within the range. The cake is very moist and the fruits create a sweet, sticky taste which some may find jam-like to taste. For those who are not fans of the more traditional flavour combination this will certainly appeal and creates a new taste sensation for a whole new audience. Due to the berries to some it may not seem like a hot cross bun at all but more that of a muffin but our taste testers loved it all the same. 

Luxury Hot Cross Buns

The most popular flavour of the Marks and Spencer Hot Cross Bun range, this is still the top flavour across the UK. Featuring all the traditional ingredients, the recipe creates a moist, rich, fruity cake that many will love. The rich fruit content does disguise some of the spice seasoning which some prefer but it certainly does not disappoint. A thick consistency creates a very warm, luxury feel as the name suggests this flavour is a delight to your taste buds.


Overall all the flavours received positive reviews from our testers with many asking for seconds. All the Hot Cross Bun flavours are in store now within the bakery section. Why not have your very own taste testing and find your favourite! You can enjoy two packs of any flavour for £2.50 for a limited time too so even more reason to treat yourself, your friends and family.

Discover these and much more within the Marks and Spencer Food Hall today on Dean Street!