Father's Day at Lush

Lush continue to be a top destination for beautiful and quite simply deliciously scented treats - for you and as gifts. Each season they release limited edition creations and for Father's Day it is no different.

Father's Day for this year will take place on Sunday 19th June and every year it seems harder to find that perfect gift for your dad. But as it shows, beauty products for men is continuing to increase in popularity with more men than ever looking to take care of themselves - and even enjoy a little pampering too!

So with interest growing for beauty and pampering for men, why not use this Father's Day to give your dad a little time to pamper himself too!

We've been given a sneak peek of the range heading to Lush stores and know there are plenty to tempt you - and maybe struggle not to simply use yourself!

First up is for the more practical dad who isn't really one for a little pampering time out...

Smuggler's Soul solid shampoo bar (£6.95 each)

Packed with chunks of fair trade organic cocoa butter, this hydrating shampoo bar with cleansing lemongrass oil is ideal for those dad's who prefer a quick shower than soak in the bath. With a touch of smoky sandalwood this shampoo bar needs no fuss - simply lather up in your hands and wash away leaving hair clean and a subtle woody fragrance.

Thanks Dad soap (£4.95 each)

With a nod back to the days when you were younger or even to celebrate dad's with very young children, the Thanks Dad soap block is both fun and functional. Infused with fresh orange juice and cheery Brazilian orange oil this is a soap that will certain help wake up the senses in the morning!

For the dad's who like a little bit of pampering or simply have embraced the options for men to help look after their skin Lush has great products for this too!

Smuggler's Soul multipurpose cream (£14.95) and Smuggler's Soul facial scrub (£9.95)

Perfect for men who want to nourish their skin but prefer an all-in-one option, the Smuggler's Soul cream is the perfect product. Featuring fresh cucumber to cool and soothe the skin and argan oil to soften, this multipurpose cream can be used on your body, hands and face and a superb moisterising lotion.

The facial scrub adds further care for the face using baboo granules to exfoliate and brighten skin to help revitalise the skin, improve circulation and works wonders as a weekly treatment for the face alongside the daily moisteriser. 

Featuring sandalwood sourced from sustainable, ethical producers, the products also shine a light against the murky underworld of sandalwood smuggling. Ask in store for more details on the history of this infamous ingredient.

Superdad bath bomb (£3.95 each)

Dad's don't need to wear a cape or costume to be your superhero, but after saving the day yet again he will be ready for another day with a little rest thanks to a steamy soak in the bath with a Superdad bath bomb. Featuring guaiac wood, sandalwood and olibanum - simply drop into the bath and relax.

The Modfather bubble bar (£3.65 each)

One for the older dad's or new fans of music from the mod's era, this bubble bar will wash away all their troubles. Simply let the bar crumble under running water to create a bubble filled bath that will help you relax and feel refreshed thanks to its Brazilian orange oil fragrance. 

These top products also feature in two limited edition gift sets, perfect for that pre-wrapped gift!

Superdad! gift set (£9.50)

Your dad is your own special superhero helping you everyday. But why not give him a much needed rest from all the action with the Superdad! gift set. This freshing set features Brazilian orange oil and sandalwood and contains The Modfather bubble bar and Superdad bath bomb.

A Wash On The Wild Side gift set (£17.95)

Help you dad keep his cool thanks to the soothing and refreshing ocean fragrances of this tempting gift set. The Smuggler's Soul shampoo bar will wash away the challenges of the day, while the Big Blue bath bomb will help soothe muscles finished with the Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream to treat his sweet tooth with the combined chocolate-orange mix.

Papa Bear gift set (£23.50)

Rupert Bear remains a popular children's story especailly for older dad's and through all his adventures, the distinctive scarf became his signature and always shared his tales with his father. With such a lovely theme, the scarf was perfect for this gift set to have everything all wrapped up with the Lush signature knot wrap! 

Wrapped in this cosy scarf, dad's will find this smoky scented gift set packed with favourites including Thanks Dad soap, Smuggler's Soul facial scrub, Smuggler's Soul multi purpose cream and Smuggler's Soul shampoo bar.

For all these and more visit the Lush store today!