Back To School Essentials

We have everything you need to get the kids ‘back to school ready’ from Teflon coated uniform to waterproof coats and none smudge pens to none slip school shoes, so as the countdown of the summer holidays begin, here’s some of our top picks.

We may have had one of the hottest summers on record but we know it won’t last forever so be prepared with water proof jackets from Trespass starting at £29.99 or micro fibre fleece only £8.99 plus a selection of durable back packs only £12.99. Don’t forget to check out the Trespass ‘Back To School’ competition to win a family ticket to Go Ape. To enter visit

For uniforms that stand the dirt, are easy to wash and easy to iron or better still do not require ironing at all - yet are still stylish and comfortable then look no further than Debenhams, Next, House of Fraser, Marks and Spenser and our newly opened Aldi.

Look out for the Aldi full boys uniform including trousers, 2 polo shirts and a sweatshirt for only £5 and the full girls uniform including skirt 2 polo shirts and sweatshirt also only £5!

School shoes have to stand up to the toughest of wear which is why Clarks perform 60 punishing tests on every style they make from flexing leathers 500,000 time to pulling laces to destruction. The result? The best school shoes ever. Providing kids with the freedom to learn and wonder in comfort.

And no return to school would be complete without the all important back to school stationary. With quirky pens and pencils from Claire's as well as more traditional items from Wilkinson, WH Smith, Ryman and The Works we have that covered too! Click here for the latest deals from The Works including a 15% off coupon (check out the back page).