21 Fun Frog Clock facts

This month sees the Telford Time Machine turn 21, and to celebrate we are sharing 21 fun facts about one of Telford’s most loved icons.

  1. The clock was designed and created by Kit Williams.
  2. The clock was installed in the centre in 1996, making 2017 its 21st year here at the Telford Centre.
  3. Did you know our current Centre Manager was part of the team who helped to build the clock?
  4. The clock was first commissioned in 1995.
  5. Every half an hour the clock comes to life filling the centre with an enchanting melody and a cascade of bubbles.
  6. It is estimated that the clock has chimed over 120,000 times since its installation 21 years ago.
  7. The clock measures 16 metres long.
  8. It’s also rather heavy, weighing four tonnes.
  9. The frog clock is also known as the Telford Time Machine.
  10. The Telford Centre’s 2015 Christmas TV advert took inspiration from the famous frog clock.
  11. Kit Williams has also designed clocks for shopping centres in Cheltenham and Milton Keynes.
  12. Kit Williams is best known for his 1979 book Masquerade, a picture book which contains clues to the location of a golden jewelled hare, created by Kit, and buried ‘somewhere in Britain’.
  13. Did you know that the gold plated balls which move along the track represent sunshine?
  14. The clock’s ceramic tiles are made using coalport which reflect the region’s rich heritage.
  15. The frog clock has been viewed over 13,000 times on YouTube.
  16. You can even purchase the theme from the Telford Time Machine by Terry Oldfield on CD.
  17. The frog has also been known to wink at passers-by.
  18. The Telford Time Machine is one of Britain’s largest indoor animated feature clocks.
  19. Not only did 1996 see the birth of the frog clock but the Spice Girl’s zig-a-zig ahhed into the world for the first time with Wannabe, and even became the top selling record for that year.
  20. Just for fun – the 21st bestselling record for 1996 was Underworld’s Born Slippy.
  21. Situated on Sherwood Square the frog clock brings a smile to thousands of people each week.