Meet the Animals

The Telford Centre Frog

The Telford Centre Frog is the leader of the Leapfrog Club and is fearless and very excitable, if he isn’t hopping or sliding onto lily pads he can often be found entertaining his friends at the pond, making sure they have the most fun possible.

Danny the Dragonfly

Danny the Dragonfly is the brains of the Leapfrog Club, and loves flying over ponds and rivers across the world. He is full of energy and always on the lookout for a new adventure with his Leapfrog Club friends.

Bella the Bumble Bee

Bella the Bumble Bee promises not to sting, she loves bumbling around the pond on a sunny day! She keeps Freddy and Danny in their places, and is always busy thinking up of new LeapFrog Club games.